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An honest (curiosity based) question for Obama supporters

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Glenn Beck has posed this question for his show Monday and it got me thinking and curious.

For those of you that are planning to vote for Obama on Nov 4th (or have already done so with early voting) ~ and if you don't mind sharing ~ I am simply curious as to why you believe he deserves your vote.

Obviously, I am a McCain supporter, and I freely admit that I just haven't seen anything in the media, debates, etc....that makes me want to vote for Obama. So, for those of you that are voting for him, I'm just curious ~ why?

To be clear ~ I'm not setting you up to bash you or slam your arguments. And I'd ask that the other McCain supporters here show the same respect. I just...I don't understand all of the support this man has received and considering its likely he's going to be our next President ~ I'd like to try to understand.

Thank You.
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I'm pro-Obama mostly because of his stance on social issues. I also think that the US needs some good PR after the last 8 years and that he's got a better chance of mending fences than John McCain.
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Please note the last date on that snopes article (last updated in August). This new lawsuit compelling Obama to allow the court to authenticate the certificate was filed in Sept '08

The snopes article is now outdated.

Berg isn't claiming that the document doesn't exist. He's asking that a court authenticate it because it hasn't been able to authenticated elsewhere (state records, etc...)

Is Politifact okay? It's from this summer.

From the end of the article...
At, we’re all about original sources. We don’t take anyone at their word or take the reporting of other media organizations as proof. We go to the heart of the story, the source of the truth — original, corroborating documents.

When the official documents were questioned, we went looking for more answers. We circled back to the Department of Health, had a newsroom colleague bring in her own Hawaii birth certificate to see if it looks the same (it’s identical). But every answer triggered more questions.

And soon enough, after going to every length possible to confirm the birth certificate’s authenticity, you start asking, what is reasonable here?

Because if this document is forged, then they all are.

If this document is forged, a U.S. senator and his presidential campaign have perpetrated a vast, long-term fraud. They have done it with conspiring officials at the Hawaii Department of Health, the Cook County (Ill.) Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois and many other government agencies.
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