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An honest (curiosity based) question for Obama supporters

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Glenn Beck has posed this question for his show Monday and it got me thinking and curious.

For those of you that are planning to vote for Obama on Nov 4th (or have already done so with early voting) ~ and if you don't mind sharing ~ I am simply curious as to why you believe he deserves your vote.

Obviously, I am a McCain supporter, and I freely admit that I just haven't seen anything in the media, debates, etc....that makes me want to vote for Obama. So, for those of you that are voting for him, I'm just curious ~ why?

To be clear ~ I'm not setting you up to bash you or slam your arguments. And I'd ask that the other McCain supporters here show the same respect. I just...I don't understand all of the support this man has received and considering its likely he's going to be our next President ~ I'd like to try to understand.

Thank You.
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Here's what I have been thinking lately:

I'm a conservative republican. There's no getting around that. I am for less gov't, less taxes, I'm as pro-life as they come, opposed to gay marriage, opposed to national health care...and on, and on, and on......


Obama doesn't really "scare" me like so many right wingers say. He and I may be polar opposites on practically every single area......but in the end, we are both Americans, we are both parents, and we both want what's best for America.
(Albeit, what he thinks is best for America is different than what I think is best for America.....) But he is a parent that wants the best possible America for his children and his grand children, he wants every opportunity available for everyone, not just the wealthy, and I cannot really fault him for that.
Do I want a socialized health care program? NO, but would I be able to benefit from one? possibly (I am sure that there are other examples of how I could benefit from his "programs", I just can't think of them right)
Ok, I am rambling here, but I think you get the gist of what I am trying to say. Do I like Obama? NO! But do I think our country is going to crumble and fall apart under his leadership? No,
Just like with Clinton, I didn;t LIKE him, but the sun still rose every day he was in office. There are plenty of liberals who don;t like BUSH, but again, the sun still rose, and with Obama in office, it will still come up every single day.
I guess I just don;t get the hype, that the world as we know it will be coming to an end if Obama gets in office. (I know, it's a bit "over-the-top" with exaggeration, but I think you get the point.)
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I know Jessica, I know. I guess I don't understand why it would be so hard to just give a copy of your birth certificate, unless you were trying to keep it under wraps. Yes, I also know, McCain was born to American citizens in the Panama Canal zone.........

***ouch, this makes my head hurt** :) :) :)
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