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An investment in square foot gardening

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~SFG is something I've wanted to do for almost 10 years but the costs involved in the start-up scared me. This post will probably scare you all too. :crackup:
This year I decided I was going to make the investment and not freak out about how much it cost. It's an investment.

Compost: $35
Vermiculite: $89
Peat Moss: $9
Lumber: $36.50
Weed cloth: $20
=$198.50 for 3 4X4 beds

If I can get each square in my garden to produce $5 worth of produce I will come out ahead this year. ;)
I have my own compost going now and I have plenty of seeds so the next 10 years of gardening should be free or nearly free.
My beds look so awesome that I'm really annoyed I waited so long to do this.
Lettuce, peas and spinach will be planted tomorrow. Green beans, sunflowers, tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, dill and chives will follow in a couple of weeks.
I'd love tips from anyone who uses this method!~
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Gardening can be a serious investment. But the feeling you get when it pays off is priceless :) There are ways to cut costs as well. Check into Lasagna Gardening - it takes more time to build the soil up this way, but you can incorperate the two methods very nicely.
Also, look on your local Free Cycle and Craigs List for discarded lumber and supplies to build the beds with. Just make sure not to take any treated lumber.
You can also easily/cheaply turn a raised bed into a cold frame to stretch a few extra months from your garden. This year, we're making arches with PVC pipe and covering it with heavy clear plastic.
Good luck and enjoy!
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Spirit Deer - I just wanted to show you how inspirational and motivational the photo's you shared were -

It was a coffee table. Now it's a lettuce bed :)
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