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An investment in square foot gardening

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~SFG is something I've wanted to do for almost 10 years but the costs involved in the start-up scared me. This post will probably scare you all too. :crackup:
This year I decided I was going to make the investment and not freak out about how much it cost. It's an investment.

Compost: $35
Vermiculite: $89
Peat Moss: $9
Lumber: $36.50
Weed cloth: $20
=$198.50 for 3 4X4 beds

If I can get each square in my garden to produce $5 worth of produce I will come out ahead this year. ;)
I have my own compost going now and I have plenty of seeds so the next 10 years of gardening should be free or nearly free.
My beds look so awesome that I'm really annoyed I waited so long to do this.
Lettuce, peas and spinach will be planted tomorrow. Green beans, sunflowers, tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, dill and chives will follow in a couple of weeks.
I'd love tips from anyone who uses this method!~
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Hi nuisance;
I'm going to try this for the first time this year; maybe we can use this thread to discuss our findings. Just for your info if you will need it; I had a really hard time finding coarse vermiculate. I finally found it at a place that does landscaping. I've been picking up a little at a time. My dh made the wood part this weekend. I also went to amazon and found trellis netting at a place named BIC for the cheapest price.


PS Do you have the all new square foot gardening? Reason I ask is because there is no digging. 10 new extra ideas.
~Yes, I put a hold on it at my local library and read it through last week. Before that I perused the forums at the site Ceashels posted. ;) ~

i have also been wanting to do this for years and haven't yet. Just before I came here tonight, I looked at the Home Depot ad online. They have 4 x 4 cedar frames for gardens for $35.00 I think. I want mine to be raised because I'm lazy and don't want to dig...another reason I haven't done it yet. I have no idea if that's expensive or not? Good luck with your garden :)
~I checked these out in store and the differences between the kit and homemade are that the kit has thin side walls(looked about 3/4 inch to me)and decorative corner posts. If you just plan on flowers or herbs or need it to look extra pretty than go for it. But sturdy 2"X6"X8' lumber boxes are cheaper in comparison and will hold up much longer. I don't think the extra SFG things like cold frames and lathe grids would work well with the kit because of how much less sturdy it is.~

Wow! $89 for vermiculite? Why was it so expensive?
~It's mined in areas where governments control the process. I believe the occurrence of asbestos in one of the mines has greatly hindered the mining.
Vermiculite is a mica rock. Out in the sun it looks like sparkly fool's gold. It's really light and lovely!~
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~I had to get my coarse vermiculite on Ebay so $33 was shipping for two large bags(8 cubic feet). I checked about 15 places in my county first. Ace had it in stock but just 8qt bags and would have cost $150. But it is nice to know that they have it JIC.~
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