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So I have come up with a list of goals to achieve that will form my 5 year plan. Hubby and I have decided to go to the UK for a couple of years once i finish Uni and do a grad year.

Year 1 - 2011
* Pay of personal debts (rent, store finance and cc), all by the end of August when my tax return comes in.
* increase my payments on loan from $270 - $290 per fortnight (min payment is $250 pf)
* Start saving and aim for savings of $1,920 in both general and holiday savings by the end of the year.
* Finish 2nd year uni and start 3rd year.
* Do some volunteer first aid work at the summer events/festivals (Oct - Jan).

Year 2 - 2012
* Remain free of personal Debts
* Complete 3rd and final year of uni.
* Continue my savings plan. I will need to take 10 weeks of unpaid leave for uni prac in this period so savings will be very important.
* Obtain a graduate position for 2013.
* Continue to increase my loan payments upto $300 pf. Also pay 2/3 of my tax return onto the loan.

Year 3 - 2013
* Start graduate year in Jan/Feb.
* Plan our UK relocation.
* Continue saving. Increased savings after loan is paid off.
* Pay off personal loan by August (2 years early).

Year 4 - 2014
* Complete graduate year in Jan/Feb
* Go to the UK. Ideally I would like to have $20,000 saved by this time.
* Do lots of well earn't travel and relaxing.
* Work as needed. By this stage, after a very intense 4.5 years of full time work and study, I am going to need some "me" time.

Year 5 - 2015
* Focus on working and gaining skills in nursing.
* Continue to travel.
* Think about our plan for when we return home.

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how are you doing on your goals? it's only been a few months and I was wondering if you had any changes.
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