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Has anyone found any good deals this week? I'm trying to add to my stockpile so I've been watching for deals. I need peanut butter badly, but I'm waiting LOL.

Saturday I got 6 dozen large eggs for 1.19 each

Yesterday I got fresh turkey breasts for .99 a pound and bought two. I cooked one last night and put one in the freezer.

Today at Dollar General I got

3 bottles of shampoo and 1 bottle of conditioner for .50 each with coupons

1 bottle of dish soap for .75 with coupon

4 bars of Lever soap for 1.00 with coupon

1 tube Crest toothpaste .50 with coupon

1 Dove deodorant .75 with coupon

Not as good a deal as some of you get but noone here doubles coupons over .50 or runs very good deals on this stuff

I was in our little IGA and they had 13 pound Hormel fully cooked hams for 5.99! They charged two dollars to slice it but I got one and had them slice about 3/4 of it for lunch meat. The other piece I am going to bake tomorrow night. That's only .61 a pound. The cheapest cooked ham lunch meat they had was 3.49 a pound! I have 13 bags of it in the freezer now to use in packing lunches. I'm seriously thinking of going in and getting another one and cutting it into three big chunks and freezing to bake later on.

This is also customer appreciation month there and they are having special one day sales all this month. This Saturday they have

2% milk 2.99 a gallon - I'm buying two

Sandwich bread .79 a loaf - I'm buying about 6 and putting it in the freezer

Del Monte ketchup 24 oz bottles .59 - He told me it will be this price three different times this month. By the end of the month I plan to have 30 bottles stocked up!

Split chicken breasts .89 a pound - I'm going to get a couple of packs for the freezer

Large eggs 1.09 a dozen - figures that I bought 6 dozen last week for 1.19 LOL Don't have room for any more in the fridge!

I hope his sales the rest of the month are as good as this one!

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Our P&C has Suave 22.5oz shampoo/conditioner for 99c. I have coupons for $1/2 that will get me them for 49c (no doubles over 99c here...figures because most coupons are for $1 off).
They also have their store brand of laundry detergent, 100oz for $2.88

Price Chopper has Maxwell House big cans on sale for $5.99, that's cheaper than the commissary and Purex detergent, 100oz on sale for $2.99 and because it's a name brand, I can find a coupon (I think I have one or two) PLUS Price Chopper offers a gas promotion of 10c off per gallon of gas for every $50 you spend there. I don't go there & spend $50 just to get 10c off on gas (that would be stupid, you can only get 20 gallons so that's only a savings of $2 per $50 spent). I let it accumulate by shopping only their good sales or loss leaders. I usually get about 30c off every other month or so.

I may be getting some toothpaste deals at Rite-Aid and Target using coupons.

Other than that, pickings are slim.

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Just got back form Walmart. They have Riceland white rice for .25lb. So if you need white rice this is a stock up price. I only use brown rice and it is .64 lb. regular price still not a bad price but I have 10 lbs so will pass on this one.
I went there to use up my farmland ham coupons. Got 8 1 lb packages for .88 each after coupon. Had coupons for $2. off and they expire today.
Also got bush's grilling baked beans (new product) for $.25 I had $1 off coupon. Got 20 more coupons in the mail today so will be getting more at another store that has them for $1.18 on sale this week.
Plus the least $$$ spend there the better. My husband hates WALMART!!! and does not like me giving them any money.
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