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Anybody heard of The Happy Gardener?

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Apparently it's a Direct Sales company (like Tupperware or Avon), only it caters to gardeners in specific. Organic stuff from what their website says. I ask because I saw it featured on The View briefly in a segment about Stay at Home Moms working from home. Does anyone here do it? I would love more info from a fellow FV'er if you do it. I asked the site for more info. Hoping to hear from them soon.

Yes, I do plan to do both this and my Brown Bag :hubba: stuff as well. :blush: ...well, depending on what info I get about the gardening one...
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eep, looks like nobody has heard of em, doesn't look promisding!!
From the title, I thought you were talking about yourself! LOL :D

Just kidding! Wish I could be of some help, but haven't heard of it.
I have them sending me some information this week.
Yes, I have heard of The Happy Gardener! I discovered them about 6 months ago when looking for gardening information. I am in Oregon and am seriously considering becoming a consultant for the company. Don't be surprised that you haven't heard of them. They have only been around since 2003 but they already have some impressive endorsements and awards. The company was founded by a woman named Annette Pellicio in Ashland, Virginia. Because they are such a young company it is understandable that they have not expanded much beyond Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio, although they do have consultants (I believe) in California as well as several other states. I requested information through their website and they sent me a catalog, dvd and other information. I contacted them once again and the person who I had originally contacted forwarded my email to Ms. Pellicio, the founder. She gave me her number and said she'd love to talk to me. I called and left a message and within a day she called me back and talked to me for nearly 40 minutes! She is very pleasant, professional, and real. I have to tell you I am very impressed with their philosophy and their educational focus as well as their commitment to community service through sponsorship of Plant a Row for the Hungry. So what that you haven't heard of them... Why not be the first in your area?
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I also wanted to mention that the only reason I have not jumped on board yet is because my husband is not a huge risk taker when it comes to entrepreneurial adventures and is hesitant for me to do this. He's a natural skeptic and does not yet recognize the opportunity The Happy Gardener represents. But I am determined to take Oregon by storm one way or another!
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