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Anybody live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula?

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We just retired last year, and have had a cabin up here for 12 years. Our kids are grown now. We now are able to stay up here 6 mos. out of the year.

The other half we go home :weeping: (Ohio) for the holidays and to be around our families and aging parents.

Our cabin is WAAAAY back in the woods. We love it! And we love it up here. The people (what little we see of them) are so friendly. And the scenery is just gorgeous. And the summer is much cooler than Ohio. :hot:

Anyone live here? Even part of the year? Seems to me like most 'locals' don't think much of the Yoop. They're used to it. I guess you never appreciate 'home'--wherever it is. LOL! We think it's terrific!
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