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ANyone else have panic attacks?

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I never used to have panic attacks but since we moved and just the stress of life I find myself having what I call mini panic attakcs I just become overwelmed and feel like my heart is going to pop out of my chest and just feel paniced. I did talk to my doctor about it and basically was told unless it gets really bad to just more or less deal with it, but it feels like it is getting worse. Just wondering if anyone else ever feels like this?
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I also have panic attacks. So does my SO. He has many different meds (for OCD, Panic attacks, depression, and bipolar disorder), but I do not take any. I'm sorry to hear you share the disorder.

It helped me when I saw a therapist, and she taught me a bit of how to calm myself quicker. It doesn't mean they don't happen, but it's easier to break out of it. Though I have also come to cope with it, since it's been happening for a long time.

I get them when I'm outside alone and I feel like everyone is looking at me, and then I feel like I want to bolt to my car. I also get them when I get embarrassed and I freak out. Also with anger.

I do a lot of times try to ask myself "Is this something that really matters in the grand scheme of things?". I try to look at the future of the thing I'm panicking over/caused the panic attack, and sometimes when I see that it's not going to be anything major really, I can calm down a bit.

Sometimes they just come on for no reason, though, and that's the hardest thing.

I also have a family history of mental disorders (depression and anxiety, mostly). And, like Kimberline, I am also a HUGE perfectionist. If everything in my life isn't planned out completely, I get nervous. I get nervous if I can't see a clock. I always have to know the time. I get nervous/panicky over so many things, it's hard to count.

Hang in there, and good luck finding a competent doctor to help you handle this.
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