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ANyone else have panic attacks?

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I never used to have panic attacks but since we moved and just the stress of life I find myself having what I call mini panic attakcs I just become overwelmed and feel like my heart is going to pop out of my chest and just feel paniced. I did talk to my doctor about it and basically was told unless it gets really bad to just more or less deal with it, but it feels like it is getting worse. Just wondering if anyone else ever feels like this?
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Years ago I was hit in my car on the interstate by a tractor trailer truck (decided he wanted in my lane and didn't care that I was already there). It was a very bad accident and I am very blessed to have survived. Driving on the interstate in heavy traffic and especially when I'm surrounded by lots of tractor trailers zooming along causes me to have panic attacks. My heart races, I sweat, get very shaky and start getting lightheaded/dizzy.

I have not sought medical help because I know my dr. here would just brush it off and prescribe something (would love to be able to change dr.'s, but that's a whole other HMO related rant). I do avoid drving on the interstate as much as possible, especially if it's something that requires a long distance of driving since I know I will most likely freak out (2 lanes of interstate here and plenty of heavy tractor trailer traffic). I have difficulty even when dh is driving and the big trucks are zooming along, changing lanes too closely, etc. and try to deal with it by closing my eyes and breathing deeply.
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