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Anyone get upset when people take your stockpile?

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I get so upset! So many times I buy things with something particular in mind and I get soooo aggrevated when people take stuf without asking! For example, I had bought hershey kisses after halloween on sale to make for Christmas cookies. My husband ate them! Then tonight my stepdaughter started baking cookies that I was going to cook and give out for christmas treats! Anyone else get downright furious about that kind of thing?
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me! Me!! Just like you I plan what I will be using something for. I pick things up on sale like baking ingredients with the specific purpose in mind. If someone eats an ingredient, there is hell to pay! If they are taking something out to replace the old like ketchup or cereal etc, I don't mind but TELL me when you do so I can replace it next time I see it on sale.

Sympathies to you. I guess they don't get the special cookies!
I bought stuff to make dessert to take to the family Christmas Eve party. I had to show my hubby AND tell him NOT to eat them. He knows if he does he will be in BIG trouble. I have also been know to put notes on food - DO NOT EAT.
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I put it in a paper bags marked=xmas,party whatever. Teens know not to touch. My DS is circling my 3 bottles of sparkling cider I have saved for xmas day. DD found the reeses Peanut butter cups so i had to use a smaller box to gift them.
Also I often mount menus on the fridge. Keeps paws off,mostly.
I have a white board on the fridge, on it is listed the things they may eat. We also have a treat shelf in the pantry. They may eat things off that shelf at any time. Well, DH can eat what he wants off it at any time, the boys have to ask because it is mainly junk food. Things that are reserved for baking or whatever lives on a different shelf.
I used to get angry when someone would eat an ingredient I bought to make something for. Like the others I now label things that can't be eaten. There is a designated shelf in the fridge and the pantry for things to snack on. When buying things like candy way in advance of when I plan to use it, I wrap it up good, label it lima beans and put in the freezer.
When buying things like candy way in advance of when I plan to use it, I wrap it up good, label it lima beans and put in the freezer. just tooo funny jp..........thanks for the chuckle. :tay:

Lima beans would keep me away from it for sure!!! :laugh:

Glad I don't have to deal with family here.
Anything chocolate is never safe hear... chocolate chips, chocolate anything just vanishes ( I have 3 teens). So if it isn't to be touched I have to hide it in my bedroom and hope my husband doesn't find it... LOL.
Nope. I don't get concerned or worried when hubby or kids eat the stuff that I keep in the house. I buy it so it gets consumed.

If it's something that I have special plans for, I either put a post-it on it or keep it somewhere out of the ordinary.

My dad doesn't mind when we go 'grocery shopping' at his house either. ;)
If I have something like candy earmarked for a specific use I let DH know. Otherwise, how is he supposed to know?

My mother used to save stuff for "later". I'd ask if it could be eaten or used and she say she was saving it. And then later never came. So infuriating. I understand having a pantry of items on hand, but I don't understand "saving" them indefinitely for undetermined use.

I'd love to have someone come do my christmas baking....
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Sometimes I do label it but then they think I am a crazy person lol but now I remember why I label it! My stepdaughter wasnt doing my baking for me (that I wouldnt mind) she was baking cookies for her friends at school. Not that I would mind but I had those in mind for something I was doing. Luckily I did find two more batches of cookie dough in the cabinet so today I am not so upset :) I will have enough to do my baking now. I am even worse than I used to be because of a job loss our budget is tight and so I have to be very careful about groceries and things that I buy. I also dont save things for "someday" because we cannot afford to waste food. So alot of this whole thing is anxiety :( Its stressful sometimes to be in charge of the grocery budget :(
I don't worry either, I just buy more. If you really want to keep it safe put it in with something like your tampon drawer. At least DH won't go looking for it, will he? :ponder:

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I hate it when I buy a frozen pizza, leave town and hubby cuts it in half and bakes half the dang drives me nuts!!! That really is the only thing about food that pisses me off...LOL.
My teen and I had to come to an agreement on this one:

If its in the pantry or deep freeze, HANDS OFF. If it is in the normal freezer, fridge, anywhere in the kitchen, Help Yourself!

That way she doesn't have to worry about what she can and cannot touch. For fridge items I tape a BIG SIGN on the item and so far she has been respectful of that and I have made a big effort to make sure that some of the "yummy" items are also available to her. i.e. one bag of choc chips to snack on in the regular freezer if there are 3+ bags in the deep freeze tempting her. Nothing too extreme, just to let her know its not all "don't touch".

I also rotate the stuff for her. As soon as I see the cereal is low, I bring out the next box so she isn't tempted to get into the pantry at all. I'm sure she looks in there, but so far has not touched. Occasionally she will ask about something in there and if its fine to have and I just didn't notice we ran out in the kitchen I will bring more out when she asks. (most common example, cans of chili, her favorite)

Hope this helps, maybe you can create a "please no touch" zone?
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Honestly, I have never had a problem with the kids & DH getting into things that I've set aside for special things. If they see it, they have always asked me if it's okay to get into it. If I say no, it's for such -and-such, they leave it alone.
Anyone I show my stockpile to are to stun and speechless to even think about taking anything. Seriously, they try to say things like well it isn't that bad, or I know where to go when there is an emergency.
I've put stickies on things, but I've also hidden things too. I have a nonstop, almost 19-yr-old, over 6 feet, eating machine in the house! He'll ask about some things, but if I'm not around, he'll eat whatever he can get his hands on!
There's a gal at work that has a stockpile around her office. I don't know if she intended that or just eats a lot, but I wanted to mention it. If you live close to work, perhaps some imperative items could be kept there.
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