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Anyone have a jigsaw puzzle in progress?

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I really am wanting to start another puzzle right now but am ready to start re-doing my livingroom which is the only place I have to put them together at.

If you're working on one right now, what is it?

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got a really cool one from the is of the usa .. but it is all states in shape of their liscense plates.. keep me and the kids occupied...750 pieces
we've got a 500 piece cheetah puzzle going on a folding table in my 9yos room
Do you guys [gals I mean!] like puzzles with the bigger pieces and odd shapes [like with lots of points and corners on the, etc.]?

That's the only way I can explain them, they aren't the regular type puzzle pieces.

Recently I bought 2 puzzles [name brand is Suns Out] and they had these type of pieces and I hate them!

My good friend loves puzzles and doing different type ones so she put one together for me already and is gonna do the other one.

Those are the ones I ordered online and then wouldn't ya know it, one puzzle I bought in a store had the same time of pieces.

Grrrrrr ... I don't like change! *lol*

I like just the regular traditional type of puzzle pieces.

I'm glad she'll do them for me because especially the two I ordered, I desperately wanted them to put on my walls.

Just was disappointed when I opened the box is all.

Puzzles will be nice when done but just not being done by me is all. *lol*

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Well, me and my (almost 4-year old son) are doing a Cars puzzle with 250 pieces. Actually we made it once last night, once this morning and I am going to complete tonight.

I love puzzles and am one happy mom that my boys love them too. It's soooo nice and relaxing thing to do.
I'm doing Educa's 1500 piece "Sunlit Stroll." Pretty, but a LOT harder than it looked like it would be. But I have a little more than 1/2 of it done and it's getting a little easier --if only because there are fewer pieces left to look at.

I'm with Clutterbug Jen on the piece shapes. I really dislike the odd ones. I have a lot of Bits and Pieces and Sunsout puzzles with them. I do them, but they irritate me. I love Ravensburger and Educa because they have only the traditional squared up pieces. Maybe FX Schmidt too, but I really can't remember. I haven't worked one of those for quite a while.

I hope to finish this one tonight after work and in a marathon puzzle day tomorrow - I have a few days off that are going to be all play and no work for a change. And then I'm going to do an EASY one. Just to see something happening a little bit faster!
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A Thomas Kinkade one. it's a snowy scene with christmas lights on the house and tree. started it last night.
I really don't have any place to put one together but I love them.

We don't eat at the dining room table most of the time. I might put one there and try to keep the cat off it.

Thanks, that might be fun!!
i've gotta couple i could start... if ya want? :)
Yep, me and my oldest ds like to do them. We have one going that's a photo of a pit stop of the #29 car during a race. It's 1000 peices. The hardest part is finding hard enough "boy" type puzzles, and yes, we like the wierd shaped puzzles too.
I usually only do puzzles in the fall & winter. I have a couple bits & pieces puzzles and the pieces are often very similar & that can be annoying. I feel for you Jen with what you are talking about.
I always tell my family don't ever waste your money on the 3d puzzles, I will never ever do them. I do puzzles for enjoyment, not aggravation. One regular normal puzzle is what I enjoy. Pref 500 -2000 piece is just dandy.
I am not doing any right now but the last couple I have done were Charles Wysocki (folk art).
I'm working on a 1000 piece Thomas Kinkade puzzle. It's a snowy Christmas scene which I had started over the winter. Years ago my grandfather had made me a puzzle board which I can slide under the sofa. I love that puzzle board!
Donna, is Bits & Pieces a puzzle brand?

I know I've heard of a website called that so was just wondering.

I do know that if I know a certain brand usually has those weird shaped peices [or extra big pieces], I will not buy from them.

That's why I'm wondering if Bits and Pieces is a brand or if you mean that you bought puzzles from them and they were the weird ones. *lol*

I so wish I could start a puzzle tonight but there is just no way. :(

This afternoon I started painting the paneling in the livingroom and ugh - everything is totally tore apart and no way I could relax and work on a puzzle with it this way. *lol*

Jean, one of these days I'd love to get a puzzle board.

Of course I couldn't put it under the love seat that I have now but would find somewhere to put it. :)


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I have 2 puzzles in the garage and went out tonight to get them. Have to move the car out to get to them so will have to wait till tomorrow.

One is a round picture with pink and purple so I am going to do that one.
Emily, what is the round puzzle of?

One of the ones I had here that I had my friend do is of a bunch of kittens and it is so adorable! :)

I can't wait to get all the painting done and to be able to find a place for it on one of my walls.


Jen, it was an Indian princess head I think. But couldn't find them .. will have to look deeper.

However, I went to Dollar store and got the 504 piece puzzles, 4 of them. One is already on the table with the border completed and some of the middle.

Thanks for this thread !!

My friend did an Indian Princess puzzle not long ago and it was a round one and was absolutely gorgeous!

Yes, isn't that weird that the puzzles are 504 pieces and not just 500? *lol*

I have a bunch of puzzles sitting in the closet but there's just no way I can start one now.

This place is half upside down with painting and what isn't upside down soon will be when I have to move more stuff to get to the walls.

Maybe tonight what I'll do is to open one of my new boxes [504 piece ones] and at least sort the border out and put them in a baggie so I'll be able to do something with it.

It's hard to believe how much I've gotten into them over the past month or so and how easy it is to get puzzle fever. :lol:

You're welcome for the thread ... I'm glad you're enjoying it [I m too! :)]


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I tried the online one someone told us about in the other thread .. it was pretty fun. You might try that. Doesn't take up any room and not a lot of time.
Emily, I may try that when things settle down here a bit.

Tonight I got desperate so I did end up opening a new puzzle and sorted all of the edge pieces out.

Not the same as starting a puzzle [well, it is the same I guess *lol*] but you know what I mean. :)

At least I got a little of my puzzle fix for now. *lol*


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