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Hi - not sure of the best place to put this but under Income. eBay has changed but is still very profitable. I have 3 people that sell my items for me and they work as much or as little as they want. Having good items and knowing how to market them are they keys.

I am looking for another person part-time to scan, edit and tweak images using my scanner and computer at their home or my home in the NW burbs (Plymouth-Maple Grove area).

I sell vintage items (art, paper, antiques...) so I would need someone who is familiar with older items. Someone who sells on eBay would be ideal as you would be doing similar work here.

Looking for someone who is:
-Experienced with online auctions, knows the market and can identify and evaluate vintage & antique items.
-A current seller with a good reputation.
-Computer literate and has experience with researching items on the internet and writing descriptions.
-Able to photograph and/or scan and has a good eye for adjusting and editing images.

It would be a plus if you can photograph and write descriptions. Doing the whole thing from A to Z would benefit us both.

It does not matter if you are young or old - I just need someone who is reliable, honest, easy to work with and does not need to be supervised.

Let's talk about making it work!
Thanks for looking - Mary
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