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There is a difference between living your life and having a
lifestyle. Following are 10 ways to better live your life:

1. Realize the difference between working for a living and
working for a life.

Ask yourself this question: How much of my life is currently
being consumed by my lifestyle? Basically when one's life is
being consumed by one's lifestyle one's quality of life needs to be
upgraded. There is a huge difference between quantity and
quality of life.

2. Change your life by changing your lifestyle.

Simplify your life by doing away with those things you truly don't
need. Work at eliminating those things you are "putting up" with
that drain your life energy.

3. Pinpoint what it is in your life that is not really you.

We are all products of our environment to a large degree. Most
of us have a tendency to acquire lifestyle roles that do not truly
reflect who we really are. It's often easier to live to a life role
that has been handed to us by others than it is to make the hard
choices which allow us to live authentically. What roles are you
living to that is not truly reflective of the "real" you?

4. Identify your passions

What are passionate about? What fires you up? Pursue your
passions even if you must do so on a part-time basis, they will
add joy and fulfillment to your life. Give yourself the freedom to
follow what makes you happy.

5. Evolve as a human being.

You can create the life you are meant to live. One way is to learn
to ask for what you truly need and want in life. Another is to
learn to say no to those things which prevent you from evolving.
Surround yourself with people and ideas that challenge you to a
higher level of thinking.

6. Identify who and what gives you life and energy.

Who adds joy and energy to your life? What are the
relationships you cherish the most? Spend time with these
people...they won't be with you forever. Do you pary, meditate,
jog, paint, volunteer? Spend time with what enhances your life.

7. Toss from your lifestyle those things that currently hold you

Don't wait until a crisis strikes in your life before you toss those
things from your lifestyle which cause you the most pain and
struggle. If you spent some time visiting people in a cardiac
intensive care unit and really listened, you'd come away with a
different perspective.

8. Spend some time writing down what a day in your ideal life
would look like.

Spend some time writing down in detail what an ideal day would
look like to you. This is a great exercise to create an image of
what you would truly like your life to be. If we can believe it and
conceive it we can create it.

9. Identify your values.

Values are our guiding principles...they are those things in life
which we are drawn to. Things like: abundance, joy, creativity,
honesty, love, peace, etc. Identify those things you value most
and then align your life with them.

10. Stop striving to acquire.

If you could get out of the "rat race" right now how would your
life be different? Would you lose anything you could not replace?
What road would you take that would be different from the one
you are on now? What would you let go of? If you are working
just to acquire, you must know that everything you accumulate
will one day slip away from you. Stop striving...start living.

Steve Pilkington is a Personal/Professional Development Coach.
You can subscribe to his FREE ezine: "Create The Life You Are
Meant To Live" visit
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