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Ideally, we all desire to create a good first impression for our guests, and usually the living room is the most frequently used area for entertaining in the modern home. The room should radiate warmth and be an inviting place in which to entertain friends and family. And the general atmosphere of the room should be relaxed and comfortable, interesting and homey.

Style and elegance is important when you want to impress your guests, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune to achieve your goal. You can create ambience in your home whilst on a budget, by decorating your living room with authentic replicas that just look as though you've spent a fortune!


Strategically placed lamps, are integral parts of your room's décor. You can carry unique and practical polished stone lamps, which can be used to highlight and enhance any one of those solid marble statues that grace your living area --- a sheer delight for the eyes to behold! These exquisite polished stones possess a fascinating luminescence, which is amplified after using an incandescent light bulb. In poorly lit nooks and crannies, you may wish to place a clay candleholder for extra illumination --- each candleholder beautifully crafted for years of enjoyment. The tea light candle, included with the candleholder, can be replaced again and again.


An array of mirrors make even the smallest room look spacious. Positioned thoughtfully, the mirrors will reflect natural or artificial light to give your room the illusion of depth, as well as a spacious, airy feel. Picking beautiful mirrors that depict scenes from ancient Greece are sure to keep your guest's totally enthralled at your ability to decorate with such good taste. For example, imagine a wonderfully crafted mirror to depict Ionic columns with authentic detail --- the Ionic columns will enhance any plain wall or dim alcove. Or perhaps, an elegant mirror depicting gods, goddesses or ancient women would better suit your taste? Spoiled for choice, one of these splendid looking glasses is bound to find its niche in your living space.


Tabletops and corners are both ideal locations to display elegant, and durable marble statues. Exquisite Greek replicas will cater any discerning client with impeccable taste for the arts. Without exception, an inspirational ancient Greek statue, The Thinker, is replicated exquisitely to grace your mantle or, indeed, your writing desk. The marble statues with their unique architectural and sculptural details enhance the beauty of any home, office or commercial endeavor.


Coordinating your drapes and window treatments to complement your elegant room decor is a cinch. Neutral, natural, earth colors will blend in an unobtrusive manner at your living room windows. Picture for a moment an open fireplace as the room's main focal point, with a pair of fine Baroque Brackets affixed each side of its glowing hearth, and atop each bracket's surface is adorned an exquisite marble statue or an unusual pair of candleholders with unique design and shape. Can you also imagine the excitement your guests will share with you as you both enjoy this wonderful room with its unique décor?


You can compliment any home décor with elegant looking clocks that depict ancient Greek scenes. The Caryatides from the Parthenon which is a well known monument all over the world or an Ionic column clock with its familiar characteristics of the detailed columns are wonderful timepieces that can be used in your kitchen, hallway, living room, bedroom, or wherever you need a bright and cheerful piece of artistry to grace your table or mantle. These clocks are beautiful creations and functional works of art that can be presented proudly to your friends, family or colleagues.


Temples make any table center look interesting and appealing to the eye. Your guests will simply be enchanted by the sheer authentic aesthetics of the variety of temples available. It's easy to lose yourselves in conversation about ancient Greece, when such a dramatic and striking piece of artwork takes center place on your table. Ancient Greek Temple replicas would look divine gracing anyone's mantle piece, especially mantles with large mirrors hung over them, to reveal the back of the temple simultaneously.


A touch of classy elegance doesn't have to cost a fortune. Transform your living room or any other room in your home or office into an elegant and alluring place to entertain your guests, for just a fraction of the cost you were expecting, at, where sheer elegance can be purchased on a budget.


Helen Marakis owns Portara, Inc. a company that combines Ancient Greek history and art through its unique sculptures, dolls, semiprecious stones and wedding favors that are hand-crafted and hand-finished. Portara, Inc's products are being sold for the first time in the United States and come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Thanks Sara, interesting article. I'm not a greek fan actually, but it was interesting to read how others decorate.

btw - mirrors are a no no for me!! I don't enjoy sitting on a couch, with me looking back at me!! :toothy:
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