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On a wet day, kids and parents can really get under each other's skin. A good quality cubby can be a godsend on such a day, as it allows kids to get out of the house, at least for a while to do their own thing in their own space. If you don't have an outside cubby, then an old fridge box, or a sheet/blanket thrown over a rail/lounge/table/bed can be improvised quickly.

Just don't let your little darlings near the scissors or your good sheets and blankets may acquire permanent windows and doors. Some of mine did 10 years ago, thanks to number one son.

What can kids do in a cubby on a wet day?
All children love to play, and for a short while, most kids will be happy to set up their own games in the cubby. All too soon, though, they lose interest and this is when you'll need to think of ways to keep them playing inside the cubby.

Food is always a good standby, and kids always love indoor picnics and tea parties. Depending on their age, they may be able to help you with the preparations, making sandwiches and cutting up fruit. Pack it all in a picnic basket, just like a grown-ups' picnic, and help them carry it out to the cubby.

If they haven't any friends or brothers and sisters to invite to their picnic, the child's favourite dolls or bears are usually a good substitute.


Turn their cubby into an artist's studio where they can produce their own art works, pots or ceramics and then even hold their own art displays. Who knows appreciative parents, grandparents and the like may even come along and admire and even pretend purchase artworks for their own homes.

Entertain friends

Having an afternoon tea with friends, or a non-birthday party in their own private space can while away an afternoon or at least until the food runs out.

Role playing

Usually you will find that children will imitate what they see around them, e.g. family life, like playing Mum's and Dad's, with their dolls, bears or pets as children. Pretend stores with a variety of goods for sale are another good role-playing game, (So don't always throw out those old cereal boxes and jam jars). Teaching your pets, dolls or bears their A,B,C's and 1,2,3's is yet another option, with plenty of scope for a fun 'school lunch'.

Boys may like to imitate Dad working out the back on the car, the men at the local garage fixing cars and pumping gas, or how about turning the cubby into a train, bus, plane or even space ship, and see what amazing places they can visit. The cubby can become the jail for the local sheriff, Space station for the intrepid astronaut, or a dance studio for a prima ballerina. That little girl of yours may set up her own beauty salon, shoe or even a pet store and become a business mogul.

With all this however, there is one big caution in that, while the kids may want to get away from you. You still have to keep an eye out on them. So keep the cubby and it's little occupants away from pools, ponds and open gates. A runaway ball or pet can lead to problems that no one would wish for.

However with a little caution you and your children can enjoy a safe and happy wet day out from under each other's feet.

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