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The poet, Robert Burns said, “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose!”

Discovering our purpose is fundamental to creating the life we love.

What is Life Purpose?

Our purpose in life is the deeper aspect of who we are. It’s what we get excited about that creates joy and aliveness for us. It empowers us to greet each day with enthusiasm and connects us to the truth about ourselves. On client said after discovering her purpose, “It’s like having a kite and finally getting a tail on it!”

What is the Value of Knowing our Purpose?

Knowing our purpose gives meaning to our life. When we are clear about our purpose, it guides us to make intentional choices, wise decisions and to take meaningful actions.

Our purpose ignites out passion and offers constancy in times of change we can be proactive in our lives, rather than reactive.

If we don’t know our purpose, our life seems to be about our problems. When we know our purpose, we can handle the little things while keeping our focus on what’s important, as we keep moving in the direction we want to go.

Knowing our purpose is a source of inspiration and gives us the inner strength and wisdom for knowing what is best for us. Then we are free to be our authentic self. This freedom empowers us to align with and honor our Life Purpose!

Living our Life Purpose also enables us to offer our gifts to others, make our contributions, and leave our legacy.

How do we discover our Purpose?

The author, Victor Frankl, said, “We do not invent our purpose, we detect it. It is within us, waiting to be realized!”

It comes through connecting with our heart and our inner wisdom. Our challenge is to pay attention to the messages we receive and respond to them.

A few questions we might ask ourselves to discover our purpose are:

What is the gift within me that yearns to be expressed and given to others?

What activities give me boundless energy and enthusiasm for life?

What is the most fulfilling thing I’ve done in my life? Why?

What am I passionate about?

When do I feel most in tune with my own heart?

These questions can provide a beginning for your exploration. You may want to journal your discoveries and eventually write a Life Purpose statement.

Purpose is like a beacon on the horizon – you move toward it to create the life you love. Enjoy the journey and acknowledge yourself for taking the personal time to explore and discover. Each step takes you closer to creating the life of your dreams!

Jennie England is Director of the Direct Selling Women's Association's Coaching Center and Owner of Wisdom in Action, a coaching and training company. “Professionalism with Heart” best describes Jennie.

Article provided by the Direct Selling Women's Association,

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Wow, that article stirred my soul.........need to do some thinking. I know that in my mind I know my purpose but writing it down makes me much more aware. Those are great questions to ponder!:angel:
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