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THE QUESTION: Fresh Smelling Vacuum Cleaner?

Does anyone know how to get a vacuum cleaner smelling fresh? I've tried sprinkling baking soda and vacuuming it up, but that didn't help. It is a new vacuum and it's not like my floors are really dirty other than regular traffic so what's the problem? Thanks in advance! Tanya- SAHM of 4 in La.


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How to Get a Fresh Smelling Bag

Hi there, my folks owned a cleaning service and they would turn the bags inside out then hang them outside and spray them down with a product called Odor Ban. I think the key is to empty the bag regularly and allow it to breathe. Good Luck Kate in MI

Use Scented Cloths & Change Hepa Filter

Hi Tanya,

You could try using the scented cloths that they sell at Home Depot, for making your furnace smell good whenever it goes on. That is what I use in my vacuum cleaner. You will have to change it when you don't smell the nice smell anymore, but it is worth the small price to have a fresh smelling house after you spend time cleaning it. Does you vacuum have a Hepa filter? If it does, it may
need to be changed, because that will cause it to smell dusty also. I hope this helps.

A Home Remedy

May I suggest the placing of "1 tablespoon of whole cloves" in the bag of this vacuum and notice the improvement and the wonderful smell of clove? Continue the vacuum process and repeat the cloves when a new bag is used.

Use Dryer Sheets

Whenever I change the bag, or empty the central vacuum canister, I suck up a dryer sheet. They make great air fresheners and sure help with that awful vacuum smell. If the vacuum starts to smell bad before the bag is full, I vacuum up another sheet. Hope that helps. Janet, Alberta, Canada.

Baking Soda or Scented Sachet Bags

Try sticking baking soda in the actual bag or get those scented sachet bags and open it up and put that in the bag; I use the sachets in there just for the smell of it. Hope it helps.

shawna bates

More Home Remedies

Vacuum up some of your favorite spices such as cloves, nutmeg or cinnamon. You can put vanilla flavoring or any fragrance oil on bits of paper and vacuum that also. Or try a few drops of your perfume. You can have your home smelling different each week with a hint of fragrance.

What Not To Do

I've had this problem. I have read suggestions to add a few drops of essential oil or fragrant spices, etc, but haven't tried this. However, I think my problem is that I am often in a hurry and vacuum up bits of food and other things that will either decompose or dry out and mix together to produce that uniquely unclean odor. I am trying to be disciplined about sweeping rugs as well as floor before vacuuming-which really should be mainly for picking up dust. This seems to help.

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