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Once your preschooler is familiar with letters and can say or sing the alphabet song, he is ready to begin to learn what letters look like. Teaching him to recognize each letter is easier if you do it in letter groups. Start at the beginning and be sure to only use the first group of letters until you feel your child can identify the letters even when they are all mixed up. Remember, learning in small steps is easier for your child. He will retain what is taught faster this way, than if you expose him to too much, too soon.


2 sets of alphabet cards, 1 upper case and 1 lower case


1. Begin by singing or saying the alphabet song with your child.

2. Introduce the first group of letter cards, A B C D E F G. Repeat
the beginning of the song and, as you say each letter up through G), place that card in a row on the table or floor.

3. Sing the first part of the song many times as you and your child
point to the letters. Do this until he can recognize and name the
letters even when you mix them up out of order.

4. Do steps 1-3 with each group of letters in the song (H I J K / L M N O P / Q R S T U V / W X Y Z) until your preschooler can finally
recognize and name all of them, no matter where he sees them.

5. Then, start over again with step 1 using the lower case letter groups.


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