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When you play this game with your preschooler, you not only have a lot of fun, you'll be training her to fine tune her hearing. The more discriminating she can be when she hears sounds, the easier it will be for her to hear and remember the sounds individual letters make. This, of course, will help make her a good reader.


You and your child

An area in your home that has lots of hiding places and is very quiet

An undisturbed period of time (you might want to turn off the
phone/dishwasher/washing machine etc.)


1. Pretend you and your child are kittens crawling around on the floor.

2. Practice your meows -- some soft, some loud, some over and over, some just once, etc. as you crawl, stretch, sit up, and more.

3. Teach your child the following song (you can either sing or chant the words)

Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty, Little Ball of Fur

Sleepy Kitty, Happy Kitty, Purr, Purr, Purr

4. Play a game where your child pretends to go to sleep while you pet her and sing the song. Tell her that when she is sound asleep you are going to hunt for food. Then you hide. When she "wakes up" she will have to find you by meowing. Then she needs to listen for your answering meow in order to find you.

5. Be sure she understands that she must keep meowing, and listening for your meow until she can find you.

6. After she finds you, switch places and let her hide.


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