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Make Each Moment Count!

Nothing ever gets anywhere. The earth keeps turning round and
gets nowhere. The moment is the only thing that counts. ~Jean

Joy is part of your spiritual birthright. Speak out with joy and
claim your legacy of peace, love, health, wealth, and happiness.
You are an open channel for joy; it flows freely from you to
others. Living your life knowing all is in divine order establishes harmony within and without.

Affirming at the beginning of each day that all is in divine
order helps eliminate confusion that negative thoughts can bring
into your day. There is no need to dwell on what could go wrong
through out the day. When you find yourself wondering "what if",
shoo those thoughts away.

The "what if's" of life are what keep us stuck. We spend too much
time wondering "what if" and "what could", and let's not forget
the dear ole "what should" that we never give a minute's thought
about every moment being as it should be. Everything we do is a
part of Spirit's divine plan. Your awareness of what is helps
keep the "could of, would of, and should of's" at bay.

Concentrate on the day as it unfolds and take each moment for
what it is, not what it could be. Each day is a new beginning.
Replace any doubts with the joy of knowing you are restored daily
with peace and happiness. It's one thing to not understand why
things happen as they do but when doubt creeps in immediately
replace it with the knowing that divine order is always being
established within your spirit center!

Approaching each moment with enthusiasm puts spunk into the day! With a positive mind thought you know you do not need anyone to give you what you already have within you, that is happiness, joy, and being full of life! Realizing their same feelings add to yours gives you a new outlook on many things.

So many times we find ourselves looking outwardly for these
feelings. Awareness of where you really find this happiness helps
keep you looking inward and not outward. When you feel yourself
being drug down by situations or people stop and remember you
don't own their feelings and they can't take yours away from you.

Harmony shall always prevail when you know in your heart that you have a choice. It's always your right to choose joy over
discomfort, love over hate, and confidence over fear. What you
put out first will always be what returns to you first. Choose to
live your life with the confidence it takes to make your feelings
dance with enthusiasm!

As each new day dawns allow your heart to sing with joy, peace,
love, and happiness!

About the Author

Vanessa Ebner is a Reiki Master Teacher, writer, author, and
Spiritual Coach. She provides angelic guidance and inspiration
through daily Angel Readings via the World Wide Web. Her book on Daily Angelic Guidance was released Sept. 30, 2002. Order your book now at:
To read more of her articles visit the Author's Website: Hear the
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This reminds me of something I learned SO long ago, it works all the time but even more so when things are not going so great. It is called the "Power of Positive Thinking". Wake up every day and look at yourself at your worst ,( naked, night hair, no make-up, whatever) and tell yourself #1 I love you and #2 This is a good day, keep repeating that to yourself throught the day. NEVER say this is GOING to be a good day, because it confirms that it is not good yet. Remember to say this when someone cuts you off, says something rude, when you have to go to the dentist, whenever yopu need to reaffirm goodness in your life. It may sound corny but it dies work. You can believe yourself into anything, health, wealth, whatever you desrire, even to be a great quilter. Today is a good day and I am a great quilter!:

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Amen.... Thank you both !
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