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Making a Life Wish

See a falling star make a wish, blowing out all the candles on
your birthday cake all in one breath, first star I see tonight...
I wish I may I wish I might. Remember these sayings, these
wishes? Many seem to think that their lives are not what they
have wished for. Does "wishing" make it so?

What is wishing? Is it something we want or need? There is a
difference in wishing and controlling our lives. Wishing is
something we hope for, but do we truly believe when we make a

When I see a falling star, I make a wish. That wish is usually
something I desire in my life. But just how much faith do I put
in that wish?

We can make wishes everyday, but it's the faith behind those
wishes that make them come true in our lives.

I believe in that wish. I believe that there are many things I
desire and deserve in my life. I know Spirit, my higher power,
will see that I have what I need.

That doesn't mean there are times that I will not receive what I
ask for. I used to wonder about that and others would ask me
also. When we desire something, does that always mean that it's
the best thing for us?

How many times in your life have you wanted or desired something and you didn't get it, but later, noticed you had received something even better, or realized that wasn't really what you wanted. How many times have you received what you asked for and later, asked yourself why, because it didn't turn out the way you planned after all? Maybe that's because your higher power allowed it to manifest in your life, so you could learn a lesson, a valuable life lesson to grow on. All things come to us for the higher good.

We can control our lives more, as we learn to let go of so many
things we really don't have control over, when we do this, life
seems to flow a bit easier.

I have over many years, learned not to worry. I think on things
and make plans, but I choose to use my energy in better ways,
than worrying. It really doesn't get us too far, when we sit and
make our health bad by worrying about things we can't control.
What we can control is how we react to situation and people in
our lives. For me, I'd rather be doing something constructive
that's meaningful, instead of sitting, chewing my nails to the
bone and worrying. I give it to Spirit and let it go. What a
wonderful free feeling!

Just like not worrying, I also choose to wish upon a star for
this or that and I know in my heart, that wish is heard, just
like a prayer or desire. I don't think about it too much or worry
I won't receive, I just enjoy everyday to the fullest, problems
and all, and know I am loved.

The next time you see a falling star or the first star you see
tonight, make sure you have great thoughts in your mind and
heart. Believe that you deserve the best, Spirit is always near
and wishes do come true. ~

About the Author

Fran Hafey is a Reiki II Practioner, writer, Spiritual Counselor and teacher. She provides guidance and inspiration via her Website, groups and newsletter on the World Wide Web. To read more of her articles visit the Author's Website:
She's currently working on publishing her own books about love,
inspiration, magic and nature stories for Children of all ages.
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