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Weight Loss: Don't Lose Your Initiative

"I know I can lose weight because I've done it many times
before. I'll be able to lose weight this time, except nothing's happening. I know I'll do it eventually, but I want results now."

Most people who want to lose weight have wanted to before. For many people this isn't their first attempt. One of the areas people get stuck with is that having the past, they know they can do it. But they aren't.

To a degree, they've developed the attitude of "I can lose weight", yet this isn't enough this time around for them to achieve their weight loss plans. Losing weight and then regaining it is very common.

One of the things that's missing here is a sense of urgency. You know you can do it and you're sure you'll get around to it sometime. However, what happens is that time passes, you're not losing any weight and eventually, you'll regret not having taken the necessary steps to lose weight.

A sense of urgency can be created. This isn't about setting a deadline, but creating such a desire to lose weight that you do it. This desire becomes so strong that you just get on and do it. The desire needs to be very specific. Just wanting to lose weight isn't enough.

You need to create a clear picture of what you want, what it will be like for you, how you'll feel and the differences this will make in your life. This in itself is going to take some time and commitment, and I really encourage you to give it a go. You can either write this down or you can paint a picture in your mind. For some people, it works well to do both. I suggest you go with what feels best for you.

Whether you're going to write this down or paint the picture in your mind, start by answering these questions. Be specific with your answers.

· What will losing this weight give to me?
· What will it be like for me to feel healthy?
· How will I feel having lost weight?
· What difference will this make to my life?

For instance, part of your answers may be;

· More energy to join in with the children
· The feeling of firm tummy muscles,
· I will feel more confident and gorgeous

If you're painting the picture in your mind, I encourage you to add colours and character names to make it more fun. Allow the picture to really come alive for you. It's a bit like having a video which you can replay in your mind as many times as you like throughout your day.

If you've chosen to write it down, make your words come alive. You may choose to create some post-it notes as reminders or even a poster of your words. These both need to be so compelling and inspiring that they create the urgency you need. If you find you look at it and it doesn't make enough difference, I suggest you go back and explore it even further.

There will be something at some point that really grabs you and makes you want to lose weight so much that you do something about it today. I really encourage you to carry on with this until you reach that point. When you do, your commitment will have been forged and you'll find yourself naturally wanting to lose weight.

When you have this compelling reason and this picture to lose weight, it will pull you forward rather than you or someone else having to push you to lose weight. As a general rule, it doesn't work if we rely on someone else pushing us. Once they've gone away, we usually go back to where we were, whereas when you discover how to pull yourself forward, that stays with you.

What I want is for you to discover your own compelling reasons to lose weight.

Wendy Hearn
Weight Loss Success Coach

Author of "What's Eating You? - The Top 10 Things That Stop YOU
From Losing Weight"
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Wendy works with people who want to successfully lose weight.

Copyright 2002, Wendy Hearn. All rights reserved.
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