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August 2011 - Exercise Challenge - Join Us!

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Where did July go?!!!

Join us in moving our bodies!!!!

I am in for 45 minutes per day. How about you? :)
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I'm keeping mine at 700 mins for the month and will look forward to breaking it!!
45 minutes at the pool yesterday!!
30 minutes pool exercises today - wasn't going to go - but then I wasn't going to let my 80 YO pool partner make me look bad!! ;)
25 minutes in the pool today!!
30 more minutes in the pool
30 minutes of pool exercising.
60 mins of pool exercising yesterday
30 minutes pool exercising yesterday.
30 more minutes exercising in the pool today.
Did 60 minutes of exercising at the pool yesterday!! Plan to do the same today1!
1 - 10 of 89 Posts
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