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August 2011 - Exercise Challenge - Join Us!

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Where did July go?!!!

Join us in moving our bodies!!!!

I am in for 45 minutes per day. How about you? :)
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Made goal today....walking. :)
45 minute walk this morning
45 minute walk this caught in the POURING rain too! :laugh:
30 minutes pool exercising yesterday.
Oops. Mistake. :blush:
30 more minutes exercising in the pool today.
You all are doing great!!! I haven't been able to get to the village near as frequently as I would like but I am keeping up with my excersize though I have cut it back a bit as I'm in a maintaining stage to give my body a break. I think about you guys sometimes when i'm struggling to get myself motivated knowing somebody else is finding a way to fit it in too helps get me off my but. Keep it up!!!!
45 minute walk this morning
45 minute walk today. :)
Getting over a virus here but my new bike arrived yesterday so I did 30 minutes and hope to be back in the saddle from now on. Well done everyone!
I have been averaging 18 to 20 miles a week walking...getting very discouraged...also doing WW and walking for 4 wks and NOT losing weight...I have gained almost 20 lbs since March...some of you might have seen my post on steroids...I had gained a little back in the late spring because I was so sick with bronchitis I slacked off on ww...then the steroids came in. I got better but during the course of steroids I gained 12 more I cannot get it off. I broke down and bawled last night...I have never been this heavy and I tried my jeans on and it was awful...I am calling the dr today...ww has always worked for me...I am afraid something is wrong with me...thanks for letting me vent...i will try to keep up with the posting of the exercise...
45 minute walk this morning
Lovestoread - steriods will really pack on the pounds. You are not doing anything wrong. DH has to take them occasionally for his asthma. If he takes them for one week, he can gain as much as 10lbs. Hugs.

Went for my 45 minute walk this morning. :)
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40 minutes on the treadmill today.
How do you keep from being so totally bored on the treadmill? I am an outdoor walker but I know the time is coming that i will have to be on the treadmill soon...any tips???
lovestoread, I have a recumbent bike that I ride in the winter and inclement weather. I watch tv or a dvd while I ride it. You might be able to do something like that. I have a friend who has a treadmill and while she walks she makes her young son recite his multiplication tables, state capitals, etc.

45 minute walk this morning
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Made goal yesterday and today. :)
walked 2.4 miles yesterday, getting ready to do this again today...
Walked 45 minutes this morning. :)
Did 60 minutes of exercising at the pool yesterday!! Plan to do the same today1!
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