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Australian Christmas plants - with photos

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This is the Australian botanical Gardens site featuring Australian Christmas plants. It has some interesting information and clear photos of plants.

I grow the red Christmas Bells (Blandfordia nobilis). It's one of my favourite plants because I took cuttings from the garden of Edna Walling who is a famous Australian gardener. She designed a lot of the big gardens in Victoria in the 1930s-50s. She retired here in the 60s and died in the 70s. The last home she owned is a short drive from my place. I feel like I have a direct link with her because I'm looking after plants that she started from seeds in her garden.
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The flowers are beautiful, Thanks for sending. We were almost stationed in Australia one time but they wanted someone without children, which meant (Voodidit) Angie messed up my trip. We could have left her with Grandma but I just couldn't
live without her. Maybe we will get there one of these days
LOL kids! If you ever do get over this way, I'd love to meet you, Carol.
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