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Well all, its 26 days till the big day of my friends wedding (I introduced them!). Lucky for me, I get to be the MOH (maid of honour).

In the process of saving up $ to travel out of town and to entertain once there I have decided its time to go tanning again. Winter was unkind to me taking what little bit of colour I had left. Since the dress is halter top/open backed I thought itd be nice to not look like casper in a red dress with red lips :laugh:

I have had offers of donations of leftover tanning lotions and potions and am unsure what to use. I have Australian Gold and some Angel line of products. I used Angel last year for the weddings I was in back then but I've been told by many that the AG is way better. But also that its a very low quality type of lotion.

Just wondering if anyone out there has used any of the Australian Gold's products, if so which one and how did it work for you? Was it expensive and where did you buy yours?
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