Sandwiches often get soggy when packing them for lunch. You can butter the bread, but that adds unnecessary calories. You can add condiments between your meat and cheese instead of it spread onto your bread, or use whole grain bread instead of white sandwich bread. The first reader tip has another suggestion.
baby food container


I can't stand soggy sandwiches in my brown bag lunches. I use the plastic baby-food containers to hold enough mayo for my sandwich or enough egg salad or tuna salad for a sandwich. I throw away less food and enjoy my lunch much more. -- Mary, e-mail


Don't forget that your local library can use your books. Most can't be added to the library's collection, but they are sold to raise supplemental funds. -- Kathy, e-mail


At night, after my 11-year-old daughter goes to bed, I sit down and write her a note that normally starts with "Good morning" and mentions something that we did or talked about the day before. The second part of the note is always a short list of two or three things that I would like her to do before we leave for the day. I tape the note to her bathroom mirror so she sees it as soon as she goes in the bathroom. She thinks it is fun to have everything done before I get out of the shower. Of course, I would never put anything on the list that she couldn't get done, but she has not figured that out yet. -- ktsmama, e-mail


Rose petals can make a good salad ingredient! The secret to preserving the crunchy and crispy texture of the petal is to immerse them in cold water. You can also chill them in the fridge. -- Cory, e-mail


I bought my dinner plates secondhand for a few dollars, and I have had them for several years. I am considering donating my set and buying a new-to-me set secondhand. That way I have a set that's new to me, and my old one will find a new home. I will keep looking until I find a set I love that comes with a price I love, too. -- Marie, e-mail


I bought a picnic basket at goodwill for $4 and had some old dishes and glassware from a garage sale and made some cloth napkins. The result was a fancy picnic basket for two that we use quite often. In the summer, we dine under a canopy of trees on food I make at home. Better than any expensive restaurant! -- Julie B., e-mail


Open mail by the trash/recycling bin and don't bring in anything that can be thrown away. (Like a catalog that will collect dust and then six months later get thrown away!) My hubby can't figure out why we don't get very much mail. Ha! Hardly any of it makes it in the house. -- Tracy, California


Whenever I juice, I save my juicing fibers and freeze them for when I make banana bread or any other quick breads. I add the veggie and fruit pulp to my breads for extra fiber and nourishment. -- Lynn, e-mail


I used to have a problem cutting brownies until someone told me to cut them with a plastic knife. There's something about that plastic knife that makes clean cuts with no mess. -- Heather, e-mail


Ice cream containers make great salad tossers. Fill them with greens and stuff, dump in some dressing, and shake for evenly distributed salad every time. -- Uncle B., e-mail

photo by ja-nelle