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Baby Names

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Has anyone in your family or close friend named their babay a name that you just couldnt bring yourself to say out loud to the baby.My sil has named her baby girl a name that sounds like a brand name of tools and a coffee maker lol .First of all nobody can remember the name and it just doesnt sound right saying to a little baby.Anybody else come across this or am I just weird lol
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My nieces name was suppose to be Mylay...a Hawaiian name my Brother & Sil picked out when they were there on vacation and also was married there.
Anyway..I told my brother that that name would cause her alot of suffering from classmates as she grewup..They did change their minds and her name is Maylea's unique thats for sure..My Aunt wanted to name her son Levi ..thank goodness she changed her mind and named him Johnathan.
Wanted to add that my baby cousins name is Sky...and no his middle name is not walker..LOL..
I think it's a personal choice what you name your children - as long as it has a meaning to you -

I never understood the one name in the phone book when we were kids ((when we were at the age of prank calling people)) :)

Peter K. Whacker Jr. ((yes, I'm serious!!!)) I remember it like it was yesterday!! :lol: now, WHY would you do that to your kid????

LOl.. We have a Doctor named Dr Peter Handwhacker .. Boy I laughed so hard the first time I heard that.. Of coarse I do feel bad for him..He must of endlessly got picked on while growing up.
I must say I do not really see the difference between Levi and Jonathan (I assume it is spelled like this). They are both biblical names.

Yes.. they are biblical names..My Aunt is a christian woman and all 5 of her kids names are from the Bible..In my area the name Levi is unheard of..Unless your talking about a pair of Levi jeans..LOL.
1 - 4 of 78 Posts
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