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Baby Names

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Has anyone in your family or close friend named their babay a name that you just couldnt bring yourself to say out loud to the baby.My sil has named her baby girl a name that sounds like a brand name of tools and a coffee maker lol .First of all nobody can remember the name and it just doesnt sound right saying to a little baby.Anybody else come across this or am I just weird lol
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Im pretty sure that nobody except family is going to pronouce this name properly.Oh well guess we will all have to practice lol
Black & Decker?

You have me curious now, are you going to share?
LOL that would be agood name though lol

its Melika it has a french thingy on the É so its pronounced MAYYYLEEKA
sounds like Makita(tools)and Melita(coffee maker
I know its not the worst name on th earth its just that you think of a little girl and I think there are so many pretty names like Sofia,and Eva that gosh why did tey have to be different
I have a new cousin, named Ella Beena.........
I like Ella
now you can't do that to us!!! that's sooo mean!


what's his name???

we have a nephew named Keegan - I really like that name (for a K name)
come up give us the name lol
I must say I do not really see the difference between Levi and Jonathan (I assume it is spelled like this). They are both biblical names.
I see the difference Levi is Levi and Jonathan is Jonathan lol
I think it's a personal choice what you name your children - as long as it has a meaning to you -

I never understood the one name in the phone book when we were kids ((when we were at the age of prank calling people)) :)

Peter K. Whacker Jr. ((yes, I'm serious!!!)) I remember it like it was yesterday!! :lol: now, WHY would you do that to your kid????
lol I had to read it twice and now I cant stop laughing
Yes.. they are biblical names..My Aunt is a christian woman and all 5 of her kids names are from the Bible..In my area the name Levi is unheard of..Unless your talking about a pair of Levi jeans..LOL.
lol I havent laughed this hard in a long time lol I had no idea this thread would be so darn funny lol
I think it's a pretty name and don't see why it's difficult to remember??? Maybe if your family actually put some effort into it rather than criticizing it?

I know that probably sounds harsh but Jeez, it could be a lot worse.
If your message was to me then yes it did sound harsh
We are not going to make fun of the child,and of course we are going to call it by its real name.I just asked if anyone else felt the same
I should not have responded to the last post but it always throws me for a loop when there is a light hearted post going on ,everyone is telling their story and then somebody has to come on and say something that is harsh
When I was a kid our pastors at our church were Pastor Kiester and Pastor Heine, yes REALLY!

And I actually know a lot of Levis, and Joas, and Elsies, and, and. I live in Amish country, my blacksmith is Ivan, another friend is Leroy.

I also had a friend that volunteered at a childrens hospital, they had a girl come in, poor thing! Her name was Pajama! But, pronounced Pa-Ja-Ma, sigh, poor kid.

thank you for making me laugh again
when I was pg with ds my dh wanted to call him Harley
Our last name is David
he kept saying Harley david son get it lol
I said no lol
Where did your mom teach? I heard about these twins years ago from someone who (I think) actually knew the mother! Supposedly there was a younger sister named TEFLON VELVEETA. :scratch::huh:


lol really? lol
We had a local ob/gyn named Seymour Wiener. Thank goodness he retired before I started having kids. Great doctor but I could have never stop laughing when I was in his office!
lol I had to say it a couple times before I got it then I laughed so hardl lol
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