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Baby Names

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Has anyone in your family or close friend named their babay a name that you just couldnt bring yourself to say out loud to the baby.My sil has named her baby girl a name that sounds like a brand name of tools and a coffee maker lol .First of all nobody can remember the name and it just doesnt sound right saying to a little baby.Anybody else come across this or am I just weird lol
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When I was a ticket agent, I checked in a lady for a flight named Merry Christmas. Also, my neighbor has a client whos name is Jack Frost
My sister chose Biblical names for all four of her boys but not the typical Matthew, Mark, Luke and John... what kills me is that so many people (Christians!) ask her how she came up with them, they're just soooo creative. *lmao* She tells them to read their Good Book.

I have a very ethnic name, first and last, and I love it. I get compliments all of the time and I plan to use my first name for any daughter that I have and then call her by her middle name (DH and I love Pearl).

As for discrimination and names, I've experienced it, I was actually told by the woman that hired me that she was so happy to found out I spoke English at the interview. *eye roll* It's her idiocy and lack of education that makes her look bad and I wouldn't want to work somewhere or be acquainted with someone who would have bigoted thoughts about my name.
How's that for synoptic reading!

* soapbox mode on... I cannot understand people's ignorance. I was going to post something unkind about this Levi / jeans discussion, but it's actually so sad that people do not know this part of their culture that I refrained myself from doing so...soapbox mode off*
oooh forgot....a lady in our small hometown named her daughter Shithead. Pronounced Shutheed.

Now see, that's just mean, that poor child!

On a lighter note, I can not believe I didn't add this before, we know a family with the last name of Sweet, and they named their children:





and John.

I've met two of the girls, they're good kids, but geez, poor things, lol

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Some names I would never have chosen, but that are somewhat popular over here:
- Storm
- Splinter
- Vlinder (butterfly)

Also, I don't like names with an alternative spelling such as Precilla (Priscilla) or even worse - Beautifull Hope (a Dutch girl).
You know I named my last so Zackery Bryan........ People can't spell it. My motheer had a friend that named her 1st child Faith and her last child Grief.. She had 15 children. Even thro my name is Fern people can't spell it or pronunce it. Or they thik its a guys name.
Now I'm just married to a russian/pollock and have a REALLY funky last name that gets mangled left and right, when people ask how to pronounce it we like to say "JONES" and watch their expressions, lol :king:

Married a polish guy too. I tell them I looked for a Smith but this was all they had at the husband store.
My MIL came into the delivery room while I had my second son (she was there for most of the first son's birth too, and I didn't want her there for either one). Right after I was stitched up and sat up, she asked what the boy's name was going to be. We said Daniel. We had BEEN saying Daniel since month 2.

She flipped her lid (right there in the delivery rm. ) and said OH, she HATED that name, there was a little brat in the neighborhood named Danny. I coouldn't believe her nerve (well, actually I could, she was always like this) and we kept the name, and I think she eventually got over it. She has done this at least once to each and every DIL and son.

I made up my mind right then and there that if my sons and their wives name a child Beelzebub, I will call it Beelzebub. AND be everything she isn't, as a MIL, like NICE.
I know of a few people who have......

unique or interesting names one of the girls I grew up with her name was Anita(pretty name indeed) but her last name was Fix. I am not kidding you and she got teased badly because of it.

My neighbor as I was growing up named his first son Bud, and his last name turned out to be Wiser.

I just couldn't imagine being either of these two.
I think we live in a time when parents are striving to give their children unique and unusual names. I enjoy seeing the new and unusual names. As long as they are not something that will cause the child embarrassment or hurt later in life, I think any name is fine.
I have a very unique name that nobody knows how to spell. My boss makes fun of me because as soon as I say my name I immediatly tell them how to spell it. I am quite content naming my child a basic name that people can spell and pronounce after growing up with one that nobody can pronounce.
Some friends of my husband named their child Bo Hunter.

When I worked at an optometrist's office, we had a patient named Cindy White. Nothing unusual about that...until she game me her insurance card. Cindarella Snow White!
We had a local ob/gyn named Seymour Wiener. Thank goodness he retired before I started having kids. Great doctor but I could have never stop laughing when I was in his office!
We had a local ob/gyn named Seymour Wiener. Thank goodness he retired before I started having kids. Great doctor but I could have never stop laughing when I was in his office!
lol I had to say it a couple times before I got it then I laughed so hardl lol
lol I had to say it a couple times before I got it then I laughed so hardl lol
I did too! That is a bad combination of names.
I think we live in a time when parents are striving to give their children unique and unusual names.
I think you hit the nail on the head - everyone nowadays want to be unique, so they try to name their children names that are "different" or spell them differently so they'll be unique - DH and I had this discussion when I was pregnant - he wanted something really unusual so that our kid would be the only one with his name, and I wanted something normal. It's actually kind of funny that I consented to "Logan" for the boy's name (we didn't find out the gender ahead of time) even though I didn't like it, and DH changed his mind and came up with "Owen" two days before he was born - for us it was the right combination of unusual (there aren't a lot of Owen's right now) but normal.

I think a lot of the new names/spellings that people come up with are pretty, but I really can't imagine actually naming my kids anything like that. I also have to laugh at how many people think that no one else will name their kid "X" and then find out how many "X"'s there are after all!

My personal favorite trend is the "old" names coming back - like Pearl, Grace, Claire... I think a lot of them are very pretty.

And the two funniest named people I ever met - Lance Dicker and Joe Zweiner (pronounced ZWEENER). There's two guys I'll never marry! I didn't think too much about changing my name when I got married, but this year I shared my name with Playboy's Playmate of the Year - that can get pretty embarassing :blush:
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Sara, Zac and I did the same thing--we chose an older, classic name for Wesley. We've gotten a lot of compliments on it.
This name takes the cake!!!

In New Bern, NC, there is a woman who named her baby ....I lie to you not.....Shithead !!!! (My sister is a nurse and found out from the other nurses at the hospital when she was in school.)

The nurses begged her to look at the spelling closely before they completed the paperwork. The woman insisted. Of course, she was too stupid to see what it really looks like, and she kept arguing that it was pronounced "Shi-Theed!"

Anyway, the poor kid! I feel sorry for his future Kindergarten teacher...can you imagine going through the roll and seeing that for a name! What in the world would you say?

Also, this poor kid is going to be a target his whole life!!! What a stupid woman for naming her kid this!!!
Well my oldest is named Roari Ki.... My mother hated it... Was going to be Aurora, but thought that it would be shortened to "Rory" any way... I know Rory is the spelling for the male form of the word.. I didn't like it so I changed it to ROARI.. Ki was a name I had heard a young man called and it was actually Ky short for Kyle... If our daughter had been a boy it would have been Roary Ky instead.. I am glad we had a girl.. She is definately NOT a Stephanie, Sierra, Courtney etc.....

Our other daughter is VALORY RAEANN... Valor-y, Valor because she was born the week we invaded Iraq and since my DH is excoastguard, the meaning of valor is important to him.. No one spells it right, but oh well... RaeAnn is my mom and his moms middle names...

DH was in basic and there was a guy named..............

Jack Emhaugh *spelling needed* pronounced emhof... "Jack Emhof", the guys actually nicknamed him "Flip". Actual legal name.... What were they thinking...
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