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Free gift bag for passionate woman courtasy of Baci & Farfalle

Do you know a passionate bella donna who..

is having a birthday.. is getting engaged.. is about to be married..

is celebrating their anniversery.. is graduating from college.. is just starting a new job..

is getting ready to have a little one.. is embarking on a new adventure.. is just someone you would like to make smile..

if so - fill out the below form! We will send your friend an exciting package stock full of treats that will surely make their day! This is absolutely free for you & your friend.. we sponsor this service for our wonderful customers (and potential customers) along with other passionate businesses geared to the bella donna Smile

Each gift bag will vary a bit dependent on the occasion, holidays, etc.. - However each bag will have a personal note from you that is included, both gift certificates & coupons to help them celebrate thier special day, samples, products, a gift from our store, and much more! (click here for a more detailed list)

Simply fill out the below form.. your friend will thank you for it!
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