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Back from the doctor's .....

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and dh has to have surgery on May 19th. The good part is he is the first one of the day scheduled. If he can do it like a
laporoscopy (3 small incisions) he can go home later that day. If not and the doc has to make a MUCH larger incision, he wil be in the hospital for a couple of days.

The doc kinda sounded like it will be the later. He mentioned that dh feels like he has alot of scar tissue from his last surgery.

Dh isn't saying much other than he just wants the pain to go away. So I really don't know how he feels. I think he is pretty nervous.

So, we are on a low fat/no fat diet until then at least. Afterwards, who knows??
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Thank you ladies for all your well wishes. :hugz:

Thinking of new ways to make things no fat is taking a lot of my time now. So far, well for 3 meals at least, it has gone pretty well.

So far I have made vegetable stir fry over rice with a sauce made out of fat free chicken broth and soy sauce for flavor. Needed some help in the flavor department!

Boneless, skinless chicken strips coated in bread crumbs and Good Seasons mix then 'fried' in Pam, with steamed broccoli and rice. He liked this one, but I think the rice needed some help, Jack uses soy sauce on rice all the time so he thought it was fine.

Tuna melt made with low fat mayo (used VERY sparingly) some celery and chives on half a bun with a slice of tomato and a slice of fat free cheese and grilled in the broiler. I served this with low fat cottage cheese, fresh strawberries and jello.
HE LIKED IT!! :fdance:

Okay any help you can give me would be MUCH appreciated. He will eat just about anything except liver and spinach!

Even I wouldn't eat it!! :D
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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