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I was able to get quite a few drumstick packages for .69 a pound. The problem is that they are very greasy when I bake them.

Can you suggest a way to cook them that would make them healthier?

I don't have a grill.

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Dark meat is going to be juicier than white meat. It's not dry like a breast. Generally drumsticks don't have much fat, unless the butcher is sloppy. You can remove any visible blobs of white fat with your fingers or a knife. Do not remove the skin, skin is not fat.

If you parboil the chicken some of the fat will come out in the water. How to Parboil Chicken | Do this and then bake it like before. This is good for thighs too, which are really fatty ( and really tasty).

Also be sure you are baking it at high enough temperatures (375-400) and long enough (40-50) minutes. A lower temp or shorter time will not render out the fat.
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