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This is something I completely made up out of my head when I started switching to more plant-based foods.

I'm still playing with the seasonings, but here are the basic ingredients

Bag of chopped kale (or bunch of fresh kale, chopped and stems removed)
Package of pasta (I use gluten-free fusilli)
One cup of pearled barley
Olive oil
Lemon juice

I have been playing around with the seasonings.

I boil the pasta and drain. Boil the barley for however long it takes to cook, probably at least 30 minutes. Set that aside. Stir fry the kale to desired tenderness, in the olive oil with the garlic, ginger, and spices you choose. I also put in lemon juice at this time. I stir fry it until it gets rather ugly, past the bright green stage into dark and wilted. I like it very tender.

I mix in the cooked barley and pasta and dump in more lemon juice (I use a LOT of lemon juice) and mix it all in together. It makes quite a bit and needs a very large pan. Alternatively you can get a large bowl and mix in the cooked kale, barley and pasta after they are all cooked.

It makes about six large servings, of which I freeze several for later.

I consider this one of my frugal and very healthy staples and cook it often!

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A customer gave us a big bag of Kale about a month or so ago. I'd never fixed it before. It went to ruin. I had planned to bake with parm and garlic from a receipe on Pinterest but... it was out of sight therefore out of mind. One day.... everyone says it's good like that.
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