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Headed out this morning - ready to take on four stores for great deals with lists and printouts in hand.

While I always check my receipts and have somewhat of an idea what the total should be - what happened today really surprised me.

While checking out at Safeway, I asked the cashier if the special chix price was used - she checked and said it was. After paying and looking at the physical receipt, I noticed that while there was indeed a sale price applied, my Upromise price was not, nor was the Upromise prices applied to any of my purchases. The cashier said it was good that I had printed out my sale list and that I would have to go to customer service to clear it up.

I got back almost $15 and it was worth the wait - but what about all those who didn't check.

Be careful friends - it's our money and we obviously need to guard it more closely.
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