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Yesterday I bought an almost 5 lb. pkg. of country style beef ribs that was marked down to 7.00, which is pretty good around here. I haven't made them in years so I was thinking of the best way to stretch them out. Here's what I used them for:

Browned them in the oven at a high temp for 20 minutes, then boiled them for another 20 to make beef stock.

Simmered them in BBQ sauce and had them with rice and corn for dinner.

Chopped about a cup of leftover beef, it's in the freezer for fried rice.

Froze the bigger bones as well to give to the dogs as a treat later.

I'm thinking that short of chopping all the meat for use in separate meals that there isn't anything much I could have done to stretch them. Anything other ideas come to mind?
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