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Beef with Veggies and Sauce

Recipe Description
Kroger's has veggies on sale for 88 cents a bag! Yay! You can vary the amount of veggies to your preference. I used an entire package of each to stretch the meat. Fresh veggies could be used as well. Great served with wheat bread. I got a few of the ingredients on sale, so it cost me about $10 for the whole recipe.​
Preparation Steps:
Cut steak into bite sized pieces.
If using fresh veggies instead of frozen, dice.​
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
6 hours​
1 1/2 Lbs. Round Steak
1 small pkg. frozen corn
1 small pkg. frozen carrots
1 small pkg. frozen green beans
1 pkg. brown gravy mix (any brand)
1/4 cup beer​
5 - 8​
1. Put all ingredients except gravy mix into crockpot.
2. Mix gravy mix with amount of water suggested on pkg. Mix well.
3. Pour gravy mixture into crockpot.
4. Stir to combine ingredients.
5. Cook 6 hours on low.

This was fork tender and tasted like pot roast at half the price.​
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