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Here is a list of the best web hosting providers for 2016 based on their popularity and best online discount.

The Coupon Codes below are all active and will give you the discounts once applied on their website during checkout. If you have any working promo codes, please share and I will update the the list.
- Use Promo Code= HELLO30 = 55% OFF Hosting Plans of 12months+ <----- Great Company
- Use Coupon Code = CAVE = 30% OFF Discount on any Hosting Plan <----- Popular Company - Use Promo Code = SAVE = 15% OFF Hosting Plans of 12months+ <----- Young yet Fast Growing Company - Use Coupon Codes = HOP50 = 50% OFF Basic Hosting Plan of 24months+ <----- Decent Company
- Use Coupon Codes = HOP35 = 35% OFF Basic Hosting Plan of 12months+ <----- Same Company

Feel free share your opinion on each web hosting company listed as well as suggest any other hosting companies that you like and I will try to find a discount code for them and add them to list.

I have not found any Hosting Renewal Codes or Godaddy Domain Renewal Codes so if you know of any Please Share them as well.

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