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I was reading this month's (free subscription) of Better Homes and Gardens and ran across some wonderful natural beauty treatments. Most of these ingredients you probably already have in your house! And the bonus is that there are no harsh chemicals. So, go ahead, pamper yourself!

Pomegranate Sugar Scrub


* 1/2 c Pomegranate seeds

* 1/2 c white sugar

* 2 tsp oil (vegetable, sunflower, etc)

* 1-2 drops essential oil (optional)

In a small bowl combine seeds and sugar. Crush both with a spoon. Add the oil(s) and mix.

Massage gently onto damp skin. Rinse off.

Foaming Vanilla Honey Bath


* 1 c sweet almond, olive, or sesame oil

* 1/2 c Honey

* 1/2 c liquid soap

* 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Place oil into bowl, the slowly stir in remaining ingredients until well mixed. Store in a plastic bottle and pour into running bath water.

Citrus Hand Scrub


* 1/2 c sugar

* 1/2 c Sunflower oil

* A few drops of essential oil

* 1/2 Lemon or Lime

In a bowl mix oils and sugar. Squeeze lemon or lime juice into mixture right before you are ready to use. Stir and rub onto hands or feet. Rinse.

There were a few more recipes, but these were my favorites!
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