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My Story: Big Savings on Beauty Supplies
contributed by JS
Natural beauty products from the grocery store

Save money, have healthier skin, and have fun by using many
natural items purchased at your local grocery store to cleanse
and moisturize your skin.

Plain cultured skim milk yogurt works great as a cold cream to
wash your face. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly. It works
wonderfully for all types of skin.

Tone your face using cucumbers. The cucumbers can be thinly
sliced or juiced. And be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Make a milk bath by pouring a cup of non-fat dry milk into
your bathtub as the warm water is running. You can also use
oatmeal for a wonderful treat. It will soften as well as
exfoliate your skin. Place whole oats into a muslin bag (or a
large white handkerchief), tie to keep the oats in the bag,
and place in your tub as the water runs. The oat juice softens
your skin and you can use the muslin bag to rub over your
skin. This will gently exfoliate your skin.

Finally, to moisturize your body (or dry facial skin),
purchase a light oil from the grocery store. I recommend
almond oil, but you can try avocado oil as well. Place some in
a glass or plastic bottle. Add a few drops of your favorite
scent or oil essence. (I like lavender.) Add only a small
amount of scent or essence at a time until you get the
proportions the way you want them.

After every bath and shower, while your skin is still damp,
place a small amount of your fragrant body oil into the palms
of your hands and rub it into you skin. Be sure to finish off
by massaging the oil into your nails and cuticles. This will
keep them healthy. Sometimes I complete the process by gently
running my hands through my hair. At this point, there
shouldn't be much oil left on your hands so it won't make your
hair oily. It will nourish your hair, however.

Experiment with other natural ingredients. Add mashed
strawberries to your yogurt for skin that is on the oily to
normal side and use as a mask. Honey makes a wonderful mask as well. Have fun!

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great info....thanks!! :D
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