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"Birth Berry" Pie - raw vegan

Recipe Description
So called because it contains a number of beneficial
enzymes, oils, and vitamins for expecting mothers.
It is also DELICIOUS!!!

Because of the way it is made, you can make one
big pie or a bunch of little ones.

Calls for some ingredients that are a little obscure,
but SO WORTH IT!! You will not regret it!​
Preparation Steps:
Soak cashews (2-4 hours) (see list of ingredients)​
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
30 mins to assemble; some prep time​

3 c. pecans (any nut
okay) (if pre-soaked
to remove tannins, be
sure to dehydrate
fully before use)
1 c. Medjool dates,
pitted (source of
1/2 t. H. sea salt
SMALL pinch of
cayenne (optional)


4 c. blueberries
(previously frozen
1/2 c. coconut butter
1/2 c. coconut oil
4 c. soaked cashews
(zinc, protein,
calcium) (soak 2-4
hours beforehand)
3/4 c. freshly
squeezed lemon juice
(liver detox)
1 c. Medjool dates,
1 1/2 vanilla bean
(ground to powder)
1 tsp. Himalayan sea
1 c. coconut sugar
(can be omitted if
dates are doubled,
taste to adjust)
1/4 c. beet, shredded​
Approximately 16 pieces.​
Put pecans and dates in food
processor until it starts
to form crust in processor (should come up side of
processor, then fold over). Press into springform
pan, evenly into the bottom and sides (as far up as
you want). Be sure to have crust pressed in well at
joint between sides and bottom of pan. Place in

Blend two cups of blueberries with beet to make

Pour juice through nut milk bag to collect liquid.
Squeeze gently to release until all liquid out.

Put juice back into blender (always put higher water
content items in first), then add lemon juice, vanilla
bean, H. sea salt, dates, coconut sugar, and
cashews. Blend until solid in color, with no specks.
If too thick to blend, add some water, approx 1/4 c.
- 1 c.

Add coconut butter and coconut oil, blend well until
completely combined and smooth. Fold another 2
cups of blueberries into filling. Pour filling into pan.
Tap pan on counter for approximately one minute to
remove air bubbles.

Set into freezer and let set several hours. Can be
stored in freezer and removed 10-15 minutes before

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Oh Yummy thanks for sharing!
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