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Black Friday Thrift deals and a RAOK

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~My mom and I go to a Hospice thrift store sale every year on BF. It's a store-wide 50% off sale with 75% coupons for the first customers in line when they open(26 coupons this year). We got to the store before it opened but they'd handed out all the coupons.
But as we got in line(behind 30 other people!)we were handed a coupon by the lady ahead of us. She and her mom were shopping together and had an extra coupon. :sun:
So for $7 I got:

2 vintage 60's handbags
red bowling bag in fabulous shape
a toast caddy
a chrome cookbook stand
large baby blanket
hand knit baby hat
zip hoodie me
zip hoodie ds
Calvin Klein jacket me
5 milkware cups
stainless gravy boat with ladle
kid's seatbelt plushie
large tupperware container with deviled egg inserts

So completely worth waiting in line for 45 minutes! My mom and I don't mind because we have fun chatting with each other and the folks in line.~
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~Kinda like this :

I'd like a more art deco one eventually.
I grew up watching 100's of old black and white movies. Brunch on the terrace always had toast in a caddy! (They also had uniformed servants to bring it too but that's another story...)
Just a little bit of fanciness for our Sunday brunches. :D ~
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