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Bleach for colored clothing....

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I have always used Walmart's brand of liquid bleach for colors, in my white clothes. Have you looked @ the price recently?? I've tried using bleach--no matter how long I wait to add clothes (bleach 1st when filling tub) I bleach something out. So, this is what I did. I bought dry powder Purex-1.97 for 21 loads @ Walmart. I used a funnel & put some powder into a recycled juice bottle, added hot h2o, cap on, & shook it to dissolve. Sat it on the counter, let the bubbles go down & added more h2o to fill the bottle..and BAM--liquid bleach for colors. Before using I shake the bottle. I didn't use measurements for how much powder & h2o, just guessed. Guess what, it works & it's a whole lot cheaper!!!! :)
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This is a good idea if you don't like using powders in your machine.

FYI for some of us Canadians- I couldn't find this powdered Purex ANYWHERE near me the closest product to this for me is Javex 2 for Colours Colour Safe Bleach by Clorox which now has a new name - Javex2® Stain Fighter & Colour Booster by's a navy box.
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