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Has anyone had a blog through

I started my blog in November and did actually pretty well I thought. i think the first month I had over 600 views. December was a little better. I didn't know it, but in January they decided that I don't get enough traffic and they would no longer pay my measly $1 per post. I know that $30 a month isn't a lot for some people, but it gave me extra money for myself each month. Of course, they don't tell you when you sign up that there is maximum number of views you have to have in order to keep getting paid. When I emailed them concerning this, I was of course told that they had sent an email making me aware of this, but I know I didn't receive anything. I emailed them back asking how many views I needed in order to start getting paid per post again. They, of course, have not replied back.

So what has everyone else's experience been with

I will probably end up just going back to my blogger blog.

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