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Body Parfaits

1/4 cup clear aloe vera gel (the commercial stuff)
1 tsp. glycerine
1/4 tsp. flavoring extract or a few drops water-based scent
1-2 drops food coloring
pinch fine glitter, if desired

Mix well and set aside.

Separately, mix:
1/4 cup unscented body cream
few drops fragrance oil
1-2 drops color (if desired...I leave mine white)

Take a clear jar and spoon a layer of lotion in the bottom. Top with a
thin layer of aloe vera gel. Top this with another thin layer of lotion,
then gel, etc. until the jar is full.

Some ideas for scents:

Strawberries and Cream (strawberry and vanilla -or- peach, blueberry, cherry, banana, watermelon, kiwi, raspberries -and- vanilla.etc.)
Cream Orange Dreamsicle (orange and vanilla)
Pina Colada (pineapple and coconut with a touch of vanilla)
Summer Sorbet (cucumber with a touch of lime and vanilla)
Tropical Swirl (mango with a touch of jasmine and vanilla with coconut)
Hawaiian Tropic (mango with a touch of banana, coconut and vanilla)
Amaretto (almond with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla)

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