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Hi all! I have the following books for sale. The first group are all signed first editions. The rest are unsigned. They are all hardcover in excellent, like-new condition. I am selling the autographed ones for $1.50 a piece and the unsigned ones for $1 a piece. I will mail through media mail to lower shipping costs. I'm willing to make deals if you buy more than one book. Cash/check/money order only. No paypal. Please make offer in first pm. Thanks!

Trophies and Dead Things Marcia Muller
When Last Seen Alive Gar Anthony Haywood
Reversible Errors Scott Turow
The Piper’s Son Bruce Chandler Fergusson
The Associate Phillip Margolin
The Choice Phillip Margolin
In the Company of Liars David Ellis
The Choice Barry Reed
Every Dead Thing John Connelly
The Angel Gang Ken Kuhlken
Justice Dan Mahoney
The Apprentice Tess Gerritsen
Crime School Carol O’Connell
Dead Famous Carol O’ Connell

When Character Was King Peggy Noonan
Living History Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hearts and Bones Margaret Lawrence
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