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Bridal shower games

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Any suggestions on things to do at a bridal shower? It has been so long since I have been to one let alone hosted one.

I do have one game that I bought at Party City, it is bridal bingo.

Also any ideas for food would be helpful. Mostly finger food ideas.

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Clothespin game & Memory

Each attendee gets a mini clothespin. You can't say bride's name, groom's name, or wedding, or something else, if someone catches you, they get to take your clothespin. At the end of party, the most clothespins wins.

Also did this and you were not allowed to cross your legs, I did'nt last 2 minutes!

Memory game - fill a table with all manner of random things, cover with tablecloth. Let the ladies look at the table for a short time, then later have them list what was on the table. (a Perfectly timed rainshower when done outside leaves everyone in hysterics, and no one is able to remember anything!!)
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