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Bridal shower games

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Any suggestions on things to do at a bridal shower? It has been so long since I have been to one let alone hosted one.

I do have one game that I bought at Party City, it is bridal bingo.

Also any ideas for food would be helpful. Mostly finger food ideas.

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We did a version of "The Price is Right" I bought some items I knew the couple would use. . . . wrote up a silly blurb about each one (included brand name, size, etc.) and had each guest write what they thought the price was, for each item. . We awarded a prize to the one that was closest to the total for all items. The items themselves were given the bride.

Foods- we served 2 versions of "Better Than Sex" cake, shrimp cocktails (served in shot glasses, with 2 shrimp per glass), tuna sandwiches, cut with fancy cookie cutters, fresh fruit , cheese cubes.
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