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Brokeback Mountain

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Has anyone seen it or does anyone plan to see it? I've heard it is a wonderful film, but dh doesn't want to see it with me. I suppose I'll wait for dvd and watch it myself.
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I'd like to see it too. We were watching the soup and they had about a 10 second clip. Dh say it and said he didn't want to see it just from what he saw on the clip. All the reviewers are giving it raves and saying it is in the top 3 movies of the year. I think I could get past the sex to see the story. I get uncomfortable during sex scenes in regular male/female movies.
I want to see it too. I think it looks like an excellent movie.
I would like to see it. I have heard wonderful reviews about it and that it is a beautiful love story. I have no issues with it being 2 men.
No interest to see it!!
All the reviews are wonderful and I've had people tell me that out of the hour and a half, only about 2-3 are in any way sexual.

Everyone I've talked to loved it, I can't wait to see it myself.
No interest, will definitely NOT be seeing it. :)
I want to see it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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